2013 Montreal Comiccon: Dos And Don’ts – Part I

2013 Montreal Comiccon

While we spend our days at the 2013 Montreal Comiccon, it’s occurred to us that there are rules to con going. Maybe not rules exactly, but there are dos and don’ts. We tried to keep things pretty general so that they can be applied to other cons, but for the ones that are specific to Montreal, we’re pretty sure you can find a way to apply them elsewhere (you’re a smart geek, after all).

We’re also splitting this article into two parts, so keep an eye out for our forthcoming Don’ts. For now, let’s get into the Dos of the 2013 Montreal Comiccon:


No.5 Do Pack a Lunch & Snacks

2013 Montreal Comiccon

Food and drinks are damn expensive at Comic-Cons, which is no different than any other event that draws a crowd. Yesterday I paid $6.75 for two bottles of water and over $10 for a slice of pizza and a Coke. For the most part, I didn’t exactly get raped, but I was certainly violated. Add to the financial suffering, I also didn’t eat very well.

I suggest you pack a couple sandwiches and some snacks, like carrot sticks, nuts, fruit, etc., and bring your own water. Not only will you eat more healthily, but you’ll also get to eat in line if you find yourself waiting for something or a celebrity. This last point will kill three birds with one stone: you won’t have to wait in a food line, you don’t have to take time out specifically for a lunch, and you kill time in a line you would have stood in anyway. Time maximization.

As a final point on the food business, bring some gum. You’ll be in close proximity to people all day and no one wants to smell your funky breath.

No.4 Do Flaunt It If You Got It

2013 Montreal Comiccon

If you’ve got the artistic talent, if you’ve got the moxy, and if you’ve got the physique, flaunt the hell out of it. A con is the place to show off what you can do and what you got; it’s not the place to be shy and timid about the things you love. If you’re a local, and you’re a fan of a Montreal comic book artist, flaunt your pride and cosplay it — you’ll come off as a con hero.

No.3 Shop

2013 Montreal Comiccon

Unless a remote dealer comes to the Montreal Comiccon with it, you’re probably not going to make a rare find, comic book, toy, or otherwise. But you should still make a point to buy something besides guest autographs and photo op pics. The dealers are the soul of any comiccon, and without them there’s not much of a con. Get out there and show your support.

No.2 Do Get Off The Main Floor

2013 Montreal Comiccon

For the second consecutive year, the Montreal Comiccon has also hosted the Montreal Horrorfest and they screen a ton of movies upstairs. For the most part they are low-budget upstarts, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t gems. Also upstairs, off the main floor, there are several panel discussions held by the guests in attendance. These panels are often structured in a Q&A setting, so it’s a great time to throw some questions their way if you haven’t had the chance to meet them downstairs. Also upstairs are the tables for board games, which has grown to become an under-appreciated and neglected aspect of gaming in our digital age.

No.1 Do Take Pictures

2013 Montreal Comiccon

People put a lot of work into making a con visually stunning. From sponsored displays to comic book vendors meticulously placing their products to cosplayers, there are just so many opportunities to take colorful and interesting pictures. Besides, where else are you going to have the chance to snap a shot of Supes and Spidey taking down Darth Vadar?

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