Tool & A Perfect Circle – New Music In 2014 Possible

maynard james keenan


Tool has been all but AWOL since 2006. Even worse for A Perfect Circle, which hasn’t had a studio release since 2004. There are hiatuses, and there are just plain old abandonments. I think we all have abandonment issues at this point. At the very least, Maynard James Keenan has been keeping busy, and to a certain extent his fans at bay, with his side project, Puscifer. And that hasn’t exactly been a well of new material either, with only two full-length studio albums since 2007. Puscifer has mostly released remixes and EPs. The frontman has also busied himself with his Merkin Vineyards and Caduceus Cellars.

A new Tool album was expected this year, but Maynard confirmed via the band’s official site that none would be coming. Now, however, Maynard hinted at the possibility of new music from Tool and possibly A Perfect Circle in 2014 on his Instagram. Check it out:

maynard james keenan

I know a lot of metal fans will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of new Tool. How about you; are you a fan looking forward to what is bound to be some epicness?

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