Korn’s Family Values Festival Makes A Comeback In 2013

Korn 2013

We haven’t seen a Family Values Tour in 6 years, since 2007. Technically, we’re not getting a tour now either. What we are getting is a one-day Family Values Festival. The fest is scheduled to take place on October 5th, however, details about its location are still AWOL. Korn will release their new album, The Paradigm Shift, on October 8th, making the Family Values Festival a great jumping off point for promotion.

The promo video for Family Values Festival below seems to indicate a number of bands who will be performing, although everything is yet to be confirmed. As you’ll see, the bands included in the video are: Rammstein, Stone Sour, Limp Bizkit, Ice Cube, Deftones, and Korn. We’re pretty sure that we can confirm that Korn will be headlining — if not, you can chop our balls off and post a video about it. Additionally, since Korn and Limp Bizkit hit the mainstream at about the same time, isn’t it nice that Korn is possibly giving Limp Bizkit a pity gig?

Let us know if this is something you’re interested in or if the Family Values Festival is too dated now.

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