Night Of The Dolls – Is That Jigsaw Or The Phantom?

night of the dolls

HM&M Films has released a new teaser trailer for the film Night of the Dolls. The first clip we brought to you was titled “Shrine,” which focused on a girl creepily humming as she cut out pictures for her shrine. This new clip takes you deeper into the film’s plot. To be honest, it looks much more low-budget than the previous clip implied — and I’m sure Night of the Dolls is all the better for it.

Watch this new teaser trailer and I’m sure that you’ll come to the same conclusion I did about the film: it’s very inspired by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with a little bit of Saw‘s Jigsaw/Phantom of the Opera thrown in the mix. I hope this flick is as brutal as I’m inferring from the clip and I can’t wait to see the extents of the horror.

Night of the Dolls synopsis:

It’s been 20 years since the Sheriff’s Department made the gruesome discovery in the basement of the Brookhurst Sanitarium. Unspeakable crimes of freakish experiments performed on female patients at the hands of the sick and demented monster, Dr. Graves.

Kari, the lead singer of the all girl punk band The Lolita Dolls has been obsessed with the story about his victims since childhood. After receiving a mysterious e-mail, Kari befriends a ‘Fan’ online who invites the Band to the Sanitarium to film a video for a song off of their new CD, Fallen Angels.

With the help of a Van and their friends Lenny and Steve, the Girls set out on a punk rock road trip of a lifetime, only to discover that the legacy of terror hidden behind the walls of the Brookhurst Sanitarium is far from over.

Rock Hard \m/

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