Fan Expo Canada & The Rue Morgue Festival Of Fear

fanexpo 2013

The 19th annual Fan Expo Canada returns to Toronto, Ontario, for a four-day run between August 22nd and August 25th to give the geekiest of fans unrelenting nerd-boners. There will be plenty for con-goers to see and do as the worlds of comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, gaming, and sporting will be well represented with some revered guests.

2013 Fan Expo Canada Guests

Here’s an extensive, yet somehow incomplete list of some of the celebrity guests who’ll be attending the 2013 Fan Expo Canada:

Stan Lee, Hulk Hogan, Nathan Fillion, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker, Laurie Holden, Steven Yeun, Ron Perlman, Carrie Fisher, Slash, David Hasselhoff, Gina Torres, Alice Cooper, Richard Dean Anderson, Colin Baker, Stephen Amell, Ian McDiarmid, George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, Todd McFarlane, James Hong, Luke Perry, Jason Priestley, Dean Cain, Linda Hamilton, Shawn Ashmore, Aaron Ashmore, Jeffrey Combs, Yannick Bisson, Helene Joy, Thomas Craig, Jonny Harris, Georgina Reilly, Max Brooks, and Chumlee

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2013 Fan Expo Canada Attractions

While there will be plenty of general highlights to attend to, such as the official party, meeting various television series casts, the masquerade, the shopping, the small press/indy pavilion, meeting the artists, and so much more, there are also deeper, darker, more sinister reasons to go. Namely, I speak of the Horror, Sci-fi, and Gaming attractions.

Horror Attractions

Some of the horror attractions include the following.

Darknet Series Sneak Peek:
An exclusive advance look at the upcoming urban horror anthology television and online series Darknet. Adapted from the cult Japanese television series, Tori Hada, by co-creators Vincenzo Natali and Steven Hoban. Join stars David Hewlett and Michelle Alexander, along with Darknet episode directors Vincenzo Natali, Steven Hoban, and Rodrigo Gudino as they invite you into a private network of disturbing stories that exist under the surface of an ordered and safe society.

Max Brooks Zombie Survival & Extinction Parade Insights
Screenwriter and author of best-selling books The Zombie Survival Guide, World War Z, and The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks, Max Brooks is the world’s leading authority on the defense against a ghoulish uprising! His new, all-original comic book series, Extinction Parade, introduces vampires into that mix and gives fans a new race of the undead to fear and prepare for. Brooks comes to Fan Expo to share his insight into the rotting minds of the undead, discuss Zombies vs. Vampires, and field questions from zombie-phobic fans!

Slash Unleashes Slasher Films
Get up close and personal with G N’ R’s Slash as he unleashes Slasher Films, his company dedicated to resurrecting ’70s and ’80s style horror. Get the lowdown on their first film, Nothing Left to Fear, and hear him talk about the long-standing relationship between horror and hard rock.

Femme Fatales: The Women of the Genre
Join the writer/director/producer team the Soska Twins, actor/director/producer Jennifer BiehnN, actor/writer/producer Alyssa Lobit, and director Patricia Chica for a look at the bodies of work by the women behind the scenes of today’s hottest horror movies, American Mary, Among Friends, and Ceramic Tango.

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The Black Museum Presents: A Cultural History of the Zombie
Paul Corupe and Andrea Subissati, curators of Toronto’s Black Museum lecture series, offer an encore presentation on the history of the zombie, from its origins in Haitian mythology to its popular resurrection in American. In addition to discussing the way zombies in horror movies are scrutinized and celebrated for their satirical elements and social commentary, this session will also feature a sneak preview of the Black Museum Fall lecture line-up.

The World of Charles Band
Puppets, mayhem, and more puppets in this intimate and interractive with the mind behind the Puppet Master series, Blood Dolls, Shrunken Heads, and many more!


Sci-fi Attractions

Without going into extensive detail about the sci-fi attractions, let’s just say that there’s plenty to do with the future of web series, Doctor Who (including a largest gather of Daleks Guiness World Record attempt), Steampunk, Star Wars, and more.

Gaming Attractions

As with the Sci-fi Attractions, we’ll keep this brief. There are plenty of tournaments to take part in, as well as opportunities to meet the actors behind Splinter Cell: Blacklist, an Assassin’s Creed cast signing, and, again, tons more.

Then there’s Anchor Bay’s presence as part of Rue Morgue’s Festival of Fear after the jump…

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