Heavy MTL 2013 – Day 1 Headliners: Epic And Failure

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Heavy MTL 2013 coverage from Yell! Magazine.

Let’s start things off today with a brief recap of the final acts we caught on Saturday (What? It’s been a long weekend of metal and between schedule shifts, interview cancellations, and catching shows, some things fall through the cracks).

danzig heavy mtl 2013Danzig – Credit: Heavy MTL/Tim Snow

Danzig, as our Hellfest correspondent said, was amazing. He played a 50/50 set of Danzig and Misfits material, with Doyle. We did get an added bonus though — Danzig and Doyle were joined on stage by Rob Zombie for a performance of “Vampira.” How brutally awesome is that?

Megadeth Heavy MTL 2013Megadeth – Credit: Heavy MTL/Tim Snow

Immediately after Danzig, Megadeth took the next stage. I have to say that I wasn’t entirely excited to be seeing Megadeth again. Don’t get me wrong, I love Megadeth, they’re in my top five, but I’ve seen them plenty of times. However, as soon as I heard the first chord, the teenager in me lit up. The bulk of their set consisted of material from Peace Sells…, Rust in Peace, Countdown to Extinction, and just a couple songs from Super Collider. The worst part, however, was when Disturbed, or Device’s, frontman, David Draiman joined the band on stage. Truly ruined the Megadeth vibe. There seems to have been an accidental encore, since the sound guys for the Avenged Sevenfold let loose a massive bass vibe and Megadeth ended their set prematurely. But, they came back and rocked the crowd once more.

Avenged Sevenfold Heavy MTL 2013Avenged Sevenfold – Credit: Heavy MTL/Tim Snow

As just mentioned, Avenged Sevenfold were up next, and they drew a huge crowd, young and old. I can’t say that they’re bad, because obviously they have lots of fans, and honestly they can play. However, they embody every metal cliche in existence. It’s like watching a boy-band version of Steel Panther, but only they take themselves seriously. I have a lot more negative things to say about them, but I’ll keep those things to myself… for now.

Keep checking back for more Heavy MTL 2013 updates throughout the day.

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