Heavy MTL 2013 – Bands to See This Weekend (Day 1)

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Heavy MTL 2013 is just days away, and if you haven’t bought your tickets or made plans to head to Montreal, Quebec, then you better do so now — before we dispatch our flying monkeys to put your head on a stake. For ticket information, visit: heavymtl.com

With a total of 44 bands over the two day metal fest, the price of admission is worth it. Plus, for the first time ever, Heavy MTL 2013 will have a wrestling event on the site… Oh, yeaaaah!!!

What follows are the bands that I intend to make a special point to see, though I do want to see many more. I think this is a fair list, one that includes a variety of heavy metal styles and provides maximum entertainment. Many of the bands that I’ve selected are obvious, which makes me Captain Obvious, but… tell me I’m wrong.


GWAR. That should be enough said. However, for the uninitiated, GWAR is a band from another planet hell bent on bringing blood and carnage to the masses. If you have a thing for heavy metal played by aliens in armor with their asses hanging out, then you don’t want to miss GWAR.

Steel Panther

Steel Panther might be a parody band poking fun at the exaggerated exuberance and indulgences of the ‘80s glam metal scene, but these bastards can play. They’re also entertaining from start to finish… and if you’re looking for boob action at Heavy MTL 2013, this is the band that’s most likely to get flashed.


According to our correspondent at Hellfest, Jason Newsted might be challenging his former band (Metallica) at their own game and that he might just pull it off. Our correspondent also said that much of the Newsted sound is reminiscent to Metallica’s self-titled black album, with a bit of Motorhead thrown in. If, for no other reason, you should check out Newsted to see how undervalued he was in Metallica. Since first hearing about this band, I’ve thought it was a good, swift kick in the teeth.

Danzig with Doyle

Danzig is nothing if not a legend. Our same corresponded at Hellfest also said that Danzig, with Doyle, was an impressive sight of classic-ness. Hopefully we’ll get more of the same. As our writer put it:

”The tone was set mostly by all of his faster up-tempo classics, with a quick break in the form of “Blood and Tears” off Lucifuge. What was great to see was guitarist Doyle up on stage, and smash out a bunch of old Misfits with Danzig. And it wasn’t just one or two songs; the set was cut straight in half Danzig/Misfits. And Doyle looked like an absolute giant next to Danzig.”


Two former Metallica members in one day! I wonder if they’ll give the fans some surprises by appearing on each other’s stage. Doubtful, but wishful thinking.

Megadeth might be the most obvious band to see at Heavy MTL 2013; they are, afterall, the “most metal” band performing on Day 1. Thrash giants have no equals. I’ve seen Megadeth perform many times and I can say that they never fail to impress. Yes, not much changes in the delivery, but I’m always left in awe. You will be too if you haven’t seen them live before. Also, the last time they played Heavy MTL they also played a secret show after the day’s events; keep an eye on their Facebook page in case they do the same this year.

For the life of me, I can’t understand how Avenged Sevenfold headlines over Megadeth. Baffles the fucking mind.


If there’s any time to light up your joint, it’s during the Baroness set. These sludge metallers/stoner rockers have been their brand of epic metal since 2003 and I’m personally excited to see them live for the first time. After an unfortunate bus accident forced the band to take a temporary hiatus while promoting Yellow & Green, the band is back on tour and with a new EP, Live At Maida Vale, which came out July 23rd, and I’ve been praising for some time.


Hellyeah is a far cry from Pantera, but it definitely has that Southern metal sound present in Pantera’s music that we loved so much. Seeing Hellyeah, with Vinnie Paul behind the kit, is the closest we’re going to get to seeing Pantera live, until the next day at Heavy MTL 2013, when Phil Anselmo & The Illegals play. Who knows, maybe Phil, Vinnie, and Zakk Wylde will take the stage together, Ha!

Rock Hard \m/

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