Rage – id Software Says “Franchise Is Not Dead”

RAGE (2011) Screenshot

Did you enjoy Rage, a post-apocalyptic FPS that launched for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 in 2011? If so, did you ever wonder about a sequel in the franchise? Yes! Then we’ve got a special new update on Rage courtesy of Joystiq.

Over the weekend, id Software cofounder Tom Willits said that he is proud about the universe that they built in Rage, and that the “franchise is not dead” during QuakeCon 2013 in Dallas, Texas. However, Willits made it clear that development on the game isn’t getting started anytime soon, but the universe he created is easy to “step back into.”

“I’m proud of what we did, I’m proud of the universe that we built. The franchise is not dead,” Willits said. “We’re not doing anything immediately with it, but when I designed the universe, I designed it in such a way that it would be easy to step back into. I’m still proud that we did something that was different–it wasn’t like the games that we’ve done in the past.”

In addition, Willits also touched on the id Tech 5 game engine that Rage was initially built on, which is currently being actively upgraded since it’s flexible and robust . It’s an engine that continues to be used in other Bethesda products such as Wolfenstein: The New Order.

“We really tried to do one engine that worked for everything,” Willits said. “It really helps establish a robust tech that, as John [Carmack] said last night, we’re adding stuff into it based on the new consoles, and it’s allowed people to make different games because the technology is flexible and robust and works on everything.”

We promise to bring you more updates on a sequel to Rage, if development starts in the near future.

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