New Poster Drops For Spike Lee’s Oldboy – What Do You think?

oldboy 2013
Oldboy (2013)

Oldboy (2013)

This new poster of Spike Lee’s Oldboy already pisses me off because how in the heck does the main character have shades on when he breaks out of the box?

In Chan-wook Park’s original, it didn’t go down like that. Is this just a shitty attempt to try to make the American version of Oldboy look cooler than the Korean one? This just doesn’t make any sense to me. Plus, it doesn’t even look like Josh Brolin’s character in the film was kidnapped and held hostage for 20 years in solitary confinement. Just maybe, if the new Terminator franchise goes art house rather than mainstream, then this poster could work, but for Oldboy this feels sketchy to me right now. Everything else looks pretty good, just this detail bugs the hell out of me.

We’ll see how this scene actually plays out in the film when the first trailer for the American remake drops later this week.

Keep checking back with Yell! Magazine for that video.

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