Autopsy’s “The Headless Ritual” Streaming

autopsy the headless ritual
Autopsy headless ritual

Autopsy the headless ritual – credit: peaceville records

Autopsy‘s new album, The Headless Ritual, drops today, July 2, 2013. You can, however, stream it at before you decide to give Satan your hard-earned money.

autopsy the headless ritual band

As an old-school Death Metal band, The Headless Ritual has that punk-infused thrash sound, which is untarnished by modern metal conventions, egos, or songwriting that “tries” to recapture an earlier version of the band. This is pure Death. It’s heavy, brutal, fast, slow, intricate, simple, doomy… it’s pretty much everything you’d want Autopsy’s sixth album to be. For the most part, Chris Reifert’s vocals are brutally and violently guttural, but at times (please forgive me) I couldn’t help but hear a resemblance to Lemmy Kilmister. I heard this most clearly in the second half of “She Is a Funeral,” but there were other moments peppered throughout the album.

autopsy the headless ritualThe Headless Ritual was recorded and mixed in April 2013 at Fantasy Studios, San Francisco, with Adam Munoz. The cover art, which reminds me of the souls contained in Freddy Krueger, is by Joe Petagno (Motörhead, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin).

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The Headless Ritual track list:

1. “Slaughter at Beast House”
2. “Mangled far Below”
3. “She Is a Funeral”
4. “Coffin Crawlers”
5. “When Hammer Meets Bone”
6. “Thorns and Ashes”
7. “Arch Cadaver”
8. “Flesh Turns to Dust”
9. “Running from the Goathead”
10. “The Headless Ritual”

Rock Hard \m/

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