Doyle Haunts The “Valley Of Shadows”

Doyle Haunts The "Valley Of Shadows"

Doyle Haunts The “Valley Of Shadows”

Holy shit! This is exciting and awesome. Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, former Misfits guitarist, is getting ready to drop his debut album on July 30th (digital only). Part of the buzz machine leading up to the release of Abominator is the release of the album’s first single, “Valley of Shadows.” It’s got some wicked riffs, but they’re by far not the best on the album.

You can get a teaser of the album at Doyle’s official website. “Valley of Shadows” is available for download at iTunes.

The second component of that buzz machine is to go on tour with Danzig. Doyle and Danzig already appeared together at Hellfest 2013, and they’re set for the Mayhem Fest in the U.S.

A quick look at Abominator‘s track list (below) will tell you that there’s clearly a horror/macabre theme. What it won’t tell you is that there’s a sick and twisted love story contained within the lyrics.

Critics are calling Abominator “perhaps the best Misfits-related record in over a decade.” The album features Alex Story (Cancerslug) on vocals, “Left-Hand” Graham on bass, and Dr. Chud (Misfits) on drums. The songs tell stories of murder, disembowelment, and necrophilia, and Doyle continues to take the horror metal genre to new levels with his combination of epic guitar playing and memorable melodies.

From what I’ve heard everything about Abominator, from the wicked riffs to the perfect vocals to the horrific lyrics to the driving rhythm, is perfect and addictive.

Abominator is expected to be released on CD and vinyl later this summer.

Abominator track list:

01. Abominator
02. Learn To Bleed
03. Dreamingdeadgirls
04. Headhunter
05. Valley Of Shadows
06. Land Of The Dead
07. Cemeterysexxx
08. Love Like Murder
09. Mark Of The Beast
10. Bloodstains
11. Hope Hell Is Warm

Rock Hard \m/

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