The Faces Of Hellfest 2013 – Day 1 [Picture Gallery]

Welcome to Hell. That’s the ominous impression our pictures convey as patrons of the arts approach the rear of the stage. Also, can you deny the evil after seeing that dead tree with the branches that have spelled out “Hellfest”? As you scroll through our gallery of Hellfest 2013, Day One, see if you notice the Def Leppard Adrenalize T-shirt. Don’t get me wrong, pre-Hysteria Leppard was pretty badass, but who in their right mind wears and Adrenalize T-shirt, even if the Lep are playing?

Since I’m not here to bash on the fans, I’ll just say that they look like they had a great time. Was beer really served in half-sized pitchers? Also, check out the gallery of photos our correspondents took while on the ground at Hellfest 2013. When you’re finished here, check out Hellfest 2013, Day Two.

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