Poltergeist Remake – Casting Calls Are Out – Plot Stinks

Poltergeist Remake

Poltergeist Remake

My gut reaction to news of a movie being remade is usually, “it’s gonna suck.” Then I see it, and have been entertained at the very least.

Not so long ago, we informed you that Gil Kenan was attached to direct the Poltergeist remake and Sam Raimi was attached to produce. Well, that still hasn’t changed. The news now is that casting calls have begun and filming is scheduled to begin in September. Some plot details have been revealed as well, and it doesn’t sound promising.

Aside from a family moving into a new home, a daughter being taken, and psychics retrieving her, little else bears a resemblance to the Steven Spielberg/Tobe Hooper 1982 classic. And that’s just sad, because the original Poltergeist is one of the most terrifying films of all time.

The family’s name has now been changed (it’s Bowen instead of Freeling), there will be no Tangina character, and the team of paranormal investigators has been replaced by a team of paranormal investigators helmed by the ex-wife of the film’s father figure. Also, and this is really stupid sounding, Mrs. Bowen can communicate with the dead. Come on people, make us empathize with the characters who know nothing, because nothing is greater than the fear of the unknown. And, being an age of reality TV, we have to have that element in the film as well, so enter Carrigan Burke, the host of reality TV show Haunted House Cleaners.

I believe in modernizing classic, or not so classic, horror films for a new generation, but this sounds like a bastardization. Raimi had a hit with the Evil Dead remake, but I suspect the Poltergeist remake will bump its head on the shallow end of the pool.

As stated, filming is expected to begin in September, which means we could see the Poltergeist remake as soon as late 2014 or early 2015.

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