Iron Man 3 (2013) Review: “Wow! All This Time I Thought He Was A Robot”

Well, a lot, really – and that’s what makes this movie a solid send-off to a franchise of high-energy escapism. There are great stretches of film where Tony either doesn’t have the suit, has half of the suit, or maybe just a quarter  – one boot and one brace.

iron man 3
Meanwhile, James Rhodes pretends he’s special because he gets to “rent” a suit.

At one point, Tony’s gotta storm a castle armed only with what he could cook up from hardware purchased at Home Depot.

And it’s all a screaming good time.

Somewhere, after his aforementioned debilitation, Tony finds himself in the company of a sharp-witted computer savvy kid (Ty Simpkins) whose barrage of questions sends Tony reeling into another panic attack. As annoying as this sounds, though, the pairing works and doesn’t shake too hard from the tone of the film, and the two have some cute back-and-forth. That said, if you’re not a big fan of movie-kids, this one probably won’t turn you into a believer.

Remarkably, none of the humor clashes with the film’s somber tone. Tony Stark’s effectively hit something of a rock bottom and shit gets heavy right from the start. A little bit of humor is needed in a case like this. In this movie, both the drama and humor are doled out in spades.

And the villain? Well, The Mandarin’s pretty clever – and it’s the type of thing that makes a film like this, but the super-scientist, Killian Aldrich, is something of a walking trope. He’s threatening, but ultimately boring. He gets the job done and he sure as hell would probably kick both your ass and mine simply by clearing his throat – but meh, he’s no Bane.

Aside from that, the flaws are minute and extend from the problems of having character arcs drop out of sight for hours at a time, but then again, the growth needs to be focused on Tony. Still, when you have a character dispatched in the first half hour, disappear and reappear in the last 10 minutes set against a histrionic score that nags you into feeling good – well, things maybe could’ve been handled with more tact. Still, it’s all excusable for the good stuff that comes with it.

iron man 3 armor
Have fun at Christmas time, parents.

The Verdict [rating:4.5]

Put down those torches and pitchforks, folks. This movie’s a shining example of a summer blockbuster, but it’s a bit of a ball-buster too. Every rose has its thorns, and this movie’s got one that’s ready to stab you right between the eyes.

As good of a movie as it is, the plot’s kicked into gear by what some would call Natural Selection. Darwinism for dummies, if you will. Not a spoiler, because we all saw it in the trailer, but when you’re playing up the intelligent aspects of your genius –billionaire-playboy-philanthropist, don’t make him give out his address via international media, and verbally challenge a forensically invisible team of terrorists. They’ll blow up his lab and all his suits, and he’ll have to go on a quest to reinvent himself. It’s a little bit out of the way. You just had to make things complicated.

Yes, Tony Stark’s supposed to be brash and daring, but he’s also fettered with paranoia, at present. Your movie makes no sense, now.

But the stuff with The Mandarin makes up for it, as does the journey Stark goes through to become one of the most likeable super heroes that film’s seen to date. Iron Man 3’s a definite must watch – of course – and you’ll probably want to watch it many, many times. It might be powered by confused ideas, but it’s a good cap to a good series.

Enjoy it, ASAP. This movie needs you.


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