The Greenery Premiere “Reapers Keeper” – Don’t Break Your Neck

the greeneryCombining elements of Black Sabbath, Megadeth, and Rage Against the Machine, Long Beach-based The Greenery offer a thrash/punk assault on your senses with the first track, “Reapers Keeper,” from their forthcoming album, It’s Looking Grim.

While we’re offering an edited version of the album cover, you can check out the NSFW version at

On It’s Looking Grim, The Greenery vocalist Matt Lanners said,

“After enduring countless miles driven in three vans, dealing with busted trailers and blown transmissions, and surviving off of cup o’ noodles to cure our severe hangovers, we’ve officially finished our sophomore album at Buzzbomb Sound Lab with our Scotch-loving producer, Paul Miner. It’s been quite the journey coming back from being so implausibly broke (due to the road being a cruel mistress), however, there’s never been a moment of giving in to the hard times. We are indebted to our loyal fans/friends for the self-released and funded album that we are about to release; it is our thanks to you being there with us in every sweaty and grimy venue… head banging.”

Although The Greenery released their debut album, Spit & Argue, with Prosthetic Records, the band will be taking a completely different approach for their follow-up, It’s Looking Grim, by self-releasing it and bypassing labels all together, delivering the music straight to the fans.

“Why no label?” Lanners asks rhetorically. “Well, honestly, we left our previous label on amazing terms and are still great friends with them, however, we felt this project was our baby and we wanted to do this record on our terms. So, we got jobs and funded our own album, like grown ass men-children. Be prepared for the most angry, vulgar, and pissed-off release The Greenery has delivered to date, ’cause we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We’re proud to have endured our personal and collective ups and downs to deliver the most honest album we could.”

With a fresh start, The Greenery is ready to unleash hell with It’s Looking Grim, an appropriate title for an album filled with such destructive force. The unyielding collection of some of the gnarliest metal-infused scuzz-punk around today features the new song “Reapers Keeper,” which was virtually made to break necks in the pit.

“We wanted to make a record that is very straight forward and to the point,” says Lanners. “No hidden meanings, no bullshit. I wanted to write about death as a character, and not as just an occurrence in life. This record really pushes Death in that sense of existence.”

The Greenery recently wrapped up performances at The Jamboree and New England Metal Fest and are currently on the road with To The Wind.

Keep up with The Greenery at for news and information regarding the release date and pre-order for It’s Looking Grim.

The Greenery Tour Dates:

4.26.13 @ Gallery U – Bethlehem PA
4.27.13 @ Peabodys – Cleveland OH
4.28.13 @ Kobo Live Music – Columbus OH
4.29.13 @ Q’s Dungeon – Cincinnati OH
4.30.13 @ Game Emporium – Laporte IN
5.01.13 @ Fubar – St. Louis MO
5.02.13 @ Rudy’s – Broken Arrow OK
5.03.13 @ Haleys Club – Denton TX
5.04.13 @ Walters – Houston TX
5.05.13 @ Red 7 – Austin TX
5.06.13 @ The Pine Box – Midland TX
5.08.13 @ Gasworks – Albuquerque NM
5.09.13 @ The Underground – Mesa AZ
5.10.13 @ The Vault – Temecula CA
5.11.13 @ The Anchor – Fullerton CA

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