Crucified Barbara – A Coldhearted, Evileyed Interview [VIDEO]

crucified barbara

Crucified Barbara might be the most honest heavy metal you’ve heard in a long time. There are no gimmicks, tricks, or schemes. There are no agendas, conspiracies, or ulterior motives. There’s just four chicks, their instruments, and pure, stripped-down heavy metal.

To be honest, I had just started listening to Crucified Barbara (Mia Coldheart, Ida Evileye, Klara Force, and Nicki Wicked) before being approached to interview them. And when that opportunity came, you better believe I jumped at it.

It would be easy to throw Crucified Barbara in with bands like The Donnas or The Runaways, and while there might be common ground there, there’s much more to this band than a recreation of what’s been done before. And, really, this band doesn’t give a shit about what’s come before. If you give them a closer listen, you’ll hear elements of Motorhead, Motley Crue, W.A.S.P., New York Dolls, Guns N’ Roses, and a few others. While these influential elements are present, Crucified Barbara are in no way derivative. Their music is fresh, intense, and refreshing.

Crucified Barbara Interview

Live, Crucified Barbara is one of those bands that sounds better on stage than in the studio. Don’t get me wrong, their records will raise your pulse, but the energy that these women put into their stage performance is inspiring. If you mopped the stage after their set, you’d have a bucket of blood. Bombastic drums, screaming solos, crushing riffs, melodic bass chords, and, of course, the wailing vocals filled the club, all to the audience’s pleasure. No doubt, new fans are made with each gig.

We talked with Mia and Ida, both of whom are as humble as pie. We hope we got enough information out of them for you to learn a little bit about the band. Currently they’re on tour with Crashdiet. It’s Crucified Barbara’s first time in North America, so if you catch their show, and I highly recommend that you do, show them how metal we are on this side of the world. It’s a fun show and they play from the heart.

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