Chosen Premier “Defective Prospection”

Chosen Band

Chosen Band

If you haven’t yet checked out the band Chosen, you really should do yourself a favor and do it. These Irish metallers finally give Ireland a voice – who needs to be spoon fed more U2 or The Cranberries? I think I’d rather watch Riverdance on a loop… with my eyes pried open and strapped to a chair. Ireland has so much more to offer musically than what the mainstream says is worthy, and Chosen proves it with “Defective Prospection.”

the track has a Fear Factory mixed with some industrial elements sound to it as it opens. The hook is relentless and the vocals are gorgeous. “Defective Prospection,” coming off the band’s debut album, Resolution, is streaming over at, and it features guest vocals from Jackie Mc Nally and sound samples from Paul Allen.

Resolution became available as a free download at the band’s official site,, on March 30th. Also, two special-edition CD formats are available.

About the Special Edition Resolution CDs:

The Deluxe Special Edition is a double CD that features a 9-track bonus disc of unreleased songs, rough mixes, drum and bass tracks taken from their album sessions along with a detailed album booklet.

The Collector’s Edition is a spawn of the Deluxe Special Edition that includes a beautiful 60-page, full color soft cover booklet, extensive liner notes, lyrical themes and illustrations for each song, rare photos, studio diaries and more, all exhibited within an exquisite tapestry of expanded album artwork courtesy of Fiaz Farrelly making it a must have item for those who want something a little more tangible to add to their music collection.

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