Will David Draiman Ruin Trivium?

Will David Draiman Ruin Trivium?

Will David Draiman Ruin Trivium?

It’s no secret that David Draiman, and Disturbed, is a polarizing figure in music – you either love him or hate him. Far be it for us to cast judgment, but we will, but the idea of Draiman producing the upcoming and as-of-yet unnamed Trivium album sounds like a bad idea.

In an interview posted by Roadrunner Records, Matt Heafy describes how the two parties came together and talks of the mutual respect between Trivium and Draiman. Understandably, bands need to explore and expand their horizons, as fans we’re collectively in agreement on that. But sometimes collaborative choices don’t work out for the best (Lou Reed and Metallica come to mind). The fear here is that Trivium will end up sounding like Disturbed.

Now, if Draiman is truly a fan, as Heafy describes in the interview, then hopefully he won’t try to mold Trivium into something that it’s not. In the interview, Heafy assures us that while Draiman was very hands-on, he was aware of what he was doing:

“We looked at it as a partnership, as all of us working together to make the best songs possible. And with David, he had input on everything. What was amazing was, he never wanted to cross the line – he never wanted to change who we were. That was a big thing he said early on, ‘I want this to still very much be Trivium, but we’re gonna take it to the next level.'”

Whatever, let’s avoid the whole, “ohh-ak-ak-ak-ak” thing, please. That shit is annoying.

The interview is in-depth and worth the read since Heafy shares quite a bit. Let’s just hope the next Trivium album is as interesting.

Let us know what you think of Draiman producing Trivium; will it affect the band negatively?

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