Are You Sick Of Star Trek Teasers? Well, Here’s Another.

The latest teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness is sure to capture the enthusiastic eye of every boy in the world, as it captures the sense of adventure every boy craves. And I’m not excluding girls from my estimations either, I just happen to be a boy, man, boy… man-boy? From this trailer, I can imagine a world of young kids (better?) reenacting scenes from Star Trek and fighting over who gets to be Kirk, much the way kids wanted to be Luke Skywalker many moons ago.

Star Trek: Into The Darkness

The trailer also shows that Abrams has kept the requisite dosage of humor we’ve come to expect in a Star Trek film. However, a careful eye will see similarities to a Star Wars/death star sequence. I wonder if at some point in time, or a time-space continuum thingy, the two worlds of Star Wars and Star Trek will ever come into existence on the same screen. Wouldn’t that be interesting? That would really mess up the conventions.

Basically, Kirk is a rebel who, despite his reckless nature, wins over the hearts of his command and his commander. Then he goes off and gets to do what he wants to stop the would-be harbinger of destruction.

Rock Hard \m/

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