Are You Ready For Grave Encounters 2?

Grave Encounters 2

Grave Encounters 2

Grave Encounters 2 will be unleash on DVD and Blu-ray on March 12, 2013. This gripping horror sequel to Grave Encounters takes the audience on a wild ride and offers a twist on the found-footage genre.

In 2011, found-footage horror film Grave Encounters became an Internet and festival sensation, making it onto Forbes’ “Top 10 Best Horror Movies of the Last 2 Years” list. The film, about a ghost-hunting TV crew being haunted to their apparent deaths in an abandoned mental institute, was not to be missed.

In this even scarier sequel, Grave Encounters 2, Alex (Richard Harmon of Dear Mr. Gacy, Trick ’r Treat), a young film student obsessed with the story of the missing TV crew, starts getting tips from an anonymous online source that one of the crew may still be alive, but trapped in the building. Alex persuades a group of his friends to help him break into the institute at night and record everything they encounter on camera, but the supernatural forces that inhabit the asylum clearly have their own sinister plans for the filmmakers.

Grave Encounters 2 reveres the groundwork set up by the original and expands upon it on every level,” says Uncle Creepy of Dread Central. “I’d like to commend the Vicious Brothers for writing something different,” says Andre Manseau of The Vicious Brothers themselves explain that “Sequels are notoriously known as usually being inferior films… not so with Grave Encounters 2. The movie is bigger, bolder, and even more intense than the first.”

The DVD and Blu-ray releases contain a behind the scenes featurette.

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