Crysis 3 Review – Is The Game Too Choppy To Be Fun?

The Bad

With a newly heightened emphasis on the open-world aspects, Crytek lost some of what made Crysis 2 so special. That game was focused and incredibly well-paced… full of blistering action. Crysis 3, on the other hand, can sometimes provide so many choices that it’s hard to figure out where the hell you’re supposed to be going. As bad as that can feel, nothing is worse than the few brief sections that force you into driving a vehicle. These monstrosities control terribly and have ridiculously unhelpful weapons. Thankfully, these sections are brief, but are still a slight on the face of an otherwise proud game.

Crysis 3 Review

Emotional moments are anything but, especially when so little is provided in the character development department. Prophet comes off as quite the know-it-all time after time and it’s hard to argue with NPCs who cower or anger in the face of his less-than-human existence.

The Multiplayer

You have played and played and played these modes. You have experienced better execution and better maps. You have taken on enemy teams with cooler weapons and less lag. This isn’t to say that there is anything wrong with the many competitive and objective-based options, just that there probably won’t be that many super-fans out there when other games are better and more fun.

The Verdict: [rating:4]

Crysis 3 is a beautiful game that plays exceptionally well and is a lot of fun. There are problems with pacing and in that it seems Crytek didn’t know which of the series’ previous installments to imitate, resulting in a rather choppy experience. Still, at the heart of things, you could do a lot worse in the FPS department, and you can no doubt squeeze a whole lot of fun from taking on the Ceph and CELL in an epic battle for basic human freedom.

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