AMC Puts “The Terror” In Development

AMC's The Terror

AMC’s The Terror

No, I’m not talking about Frank Darabont or Glen Mazzara, although the executive decisions over at AMC on that show have been full of terror.

AMC has, however, put Dan Simmons’ novel, The Terror, into development. The Terror will be a period drama/horror set in 1847, on a ship, traveling through the Arctic’s Northwest Passage. I know that sounds like something more suited for the History Channel, and I have feeling that it won’t do nearly as well as AMC probably hopes.

Then again, The Thing took place in a frigid location and was confined to a base camp. Perhaps that’s the hook – isolation. And when terror comes from isolation, era doesn’t really matter.

Isolation won’t be the only factor in The Terror, as the crew of the expedition will face an unknown terror – a monster lurking below.

The Terror will be written and executive produced by David Kajganich. Kajganich will be working alongside Ridley Scott, David Zucker, Alexandra Milchan, Scott Lambert, Meghan Lyvers, and Dan Simmons.

Whether or not The Terror takes off, it fits in nicely with AMC’s genre.

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