Sick Boy – Coming To DVD In 2013

Sick Boy DVDCanadian horror film Sick Boy is coming to DVD on January 22, 2013 (Canada). The film is billed as one that takes the babysitter genre and puts it on its head. Judging from the film’s trailer, it looks to be a total creep ride that’s utterly disturbing. Ain’t It Cool News said that Sick Boy is “filled with blood, gore, and mega-violence, [and] is one of those infectious little horror films.”

The film is written and directed by visual effects artist Tim T. Cunningham (Snow White and the Huntsmen, X-Men: First Class, and The Wolfman) and stars Skye McCole Bartusiak (24, Boogeyman) as Lucy, Marc Donato (Billy Madison, Degrassi: The Next Generation) as Chris, and Debbie Rochon (Bleed, Santa Claws, American Nightmare) as Dr. Helen Gordan.

Sick Boy (2013)

When Lucy takes a babsitting job, she’s warned to stay on her level of the house and not to venture downstairs to where Jeremy’s room is because he has a mysterious illness. But when she hears a noise, what does she do? Since she already suspects the motives of the boy’s mother, she ventures downstairs and discovers that Jeremy’s room is barred with a pad lock. From there, all hell breaks loose.

Look for Sick Boy on DVD this January.

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