GTA: San Andreas Coming To PlayStation 3 Tomorrow

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is considered one of the most successful games on the PlayStation 2 according to the 2009 Guinness World Records, which sold over 17 million copies at that time for the PS2 alone.

Two months ago, GTA: San Andreas was rated “M” for Mature (17+) on the PS3 by ESRB suggesting a re-release on Sony’s latest console, and an announcement was recently made confirming the game will be available tomorrow for download on the PlayStation Network.

GTA: San Andreas is expected to sell at $9.99 just like other classics released on the PSN, without it being in HD or have any support of trophies. If you still dig this game today make sure to login tomorrow via the XrossMediaBar on your PS3 to access the PlayStation Store to get more details about this greatest hit.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas For PS3

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas For PS3

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