Aliens: Colonial Marines Pre-Order Trailer + New Screenshots

Have you had your eyes on Aliens: Colonial Marines since the day SEGA and Gearbox Software announced that they were working on a completely new game based on the franchise? Currently, the game is being lauded as a true sequel to James Cameron’s film, Aliens. I’ve had my eyes on it, and if you’re anything like me, you probably have invested some time to catch most of the ongoing development updates on Aliens: Colonial Marines, if not all of them. If that’s the case, then you’re aware that Colonial Marines is coming out early next year, and you’re anxiously waiting to order a copy.

Well, guys, the time has arrived for you to pre-order Colonial Marines. Doing so will allow you the exclusive right to play legacy characters like Hicks, Hudson, Drake, and Apone in multiplayer, as well as give you the ability to customize your arsenal and make use of Ripley’s flamethrower to burn up them acid-dripping Xenomorph’s. You only get these must-have extras with the pre-order version of Colonial Marines.

If you’re still not convinced with any of these extras, you might want to check out the new Colonial Marines pre-order trailer, and some of the latest screenshots below to make you think otherwise.


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