2012 Montreal ComicCon: To Cosplay Or Not To Cosplay, That Is The Question..

toxie cosplay

Toxie Cosplay – Credit: flickrhivemind.net

Whether you’re a girl looking to show off or a guy looking to ogle, the main thing convention or comiccon nerds look forward to every year, aside from getting to meet awesome stars, and maybe getting to sit on William Shatner’s lap (OK, that’s one of my own personal goals… so what!), is being able to see how tiny the ladies can make their costumes, while still being able to say, “Hey, I may be wearing a thong bikini, but it’s black! And I have a tail and ears! I’m obviously Cat Woman!” We all know it’s the only time of year most of the male geek population comes that close to seeing a pair of tits, and our cosplay ladies never deny them that pleasure. Geeky boys out there: I’m kidding! I love you! To make it easier for you lovelies to make the most of your near-naked-babe ogling, I’ve kindly provided you with a short list of cosplay costumes to watch out for.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
zeldaThough it’s been a few years since this particular incarnation of the Zelda franchise has been released, Link and his cohorts are always popular characters with cosplayers the world over, and I predict that the 2012 Montreal ComicCon won’t be any different.

The Hunger Games
hunger games cosplayKatniss, Peeta, Rue, Gale, and the Careers will all make easy, but fantastic costumes for the non-hardcore cosplayers at this year’s Con. Tear up your clothes, grab a crossbow, or sword, maybe hang a few squirrels from a rope slung over your back, or add some painful-looking tracker jacker stings (I do not condone any use of LSD to simulate the tracker jacker poison, however!), and you can get in there and cosplay with the best of them. With the popularity of the books and film still booming, you can expect to see at least a few Katnisses running around over the weekend.

The Avengers
black widow cosplayThough Hawkeye’s costume is super easy, and Iron Man’s costume is kind of hard, and Thor and Captain America are Comic Con staples, I think what we’re all looking forward to this year, is to see how the ladies interpret (read: sexify) The Black Widow. Amiright?

Princess Merida
princess merida cosplayA new costume we’re sure to see at this year’s Con is Princess Merida from Brave (2012). The feisty, red-headed Scottish lass is going to be hard to pull off perfectly, as a wig, in this case, probably won’t cut it, but there’s bound to be some good tries out there. I’m definitely looking forward to this costume.

The Toxic Avenger
toxie cosplayWith Lloyd Kaufman guest appearing this year, I can almost guarantee there will be a number of Toxies at the event. Not that we’re complaining, of course. We also hope, however, that we will see more original Troma cosplays, like maybe the Squirrels or Professor Holt from Class of Nuke’em High 2. Pulling off that gigantic, phallic bee-hive would be a feat unto itself that would earn major wickedness points!

Batman and friends
catwoman cosplayAt every Comic Convention across the world, you can always, always find more than one Batman, Robin and Joker. But since the opening of The Dark Knight Rises this past summer, you can count on seeing numerous and differing representations of the characters in the Batmanverse.

Steampunk Zombie cosplayProbably the most popular costume for new and old cosplayers alike, the horde hit up comic conventions in, well, hordes. The thing to look out for though, are those select few who know they’re going to be just one among the masses, so they take the time to make their costumes stand out. There will definitely be a bunch of Steampunk zombies shambling about, but I’m hoping to see some more original undead.

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