Stone Sour – New Songs From House Of Gold & Bones Part I

house of gold and bones

Stone Sour: House of Gold & Bones Part I – Credit:

How Corey Taylor does it is something to wonder about. Not only is he on tour with Slipknot, he’s also getting ready to release yet another Stone Sour album. You could debate whether or not he’s the hardest working man in metal, but he’s gotta be close to the top.

house of gold and bonesSo, the new album is House of Gold & Bones Part I, which will be available on October 23, 2012. It’s the first in a series of concept albums. On this topic, and the first two songs on the album (which are available to stream), Corey has stated:

“These are the first two songs on House of Gold and Bones Part 1. Being the first part of a set of concept albums, ‘Gone Sovereign’ is essentially the overture and ‘Absolute Zero’ is the Hero’s anthem. It is the best way to introduce you to this new world. For more background, you’ll have to wait for the full albums.”

gone sovereign / absolute zeroStream the songs at: . You won’t be disappointed; they’re amazing.

Rock Hard \m/

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