Fantasia 2012: EXCISION Star & Director Talk Zombies & Strap-ons [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

We had the opportunity to sit and chat with the stunning AnnaLynne McCord and the casually homely Ricky Bates Jr., and though we were reluctant to let them invade our cool perimeter, we ultimately decided to give them a chance. What we discovered was that they were a close second, on that day, to our first in the cool game.

All kidding aside, AnnaLynne McCord and Ricky Bates are the the star and director, respectively (though you might confuse them if you put Ricky beside AnnaLynne’s Pauline), of the game-changing horror coming-of-age flick Excision (2012). In our interview with this annoyingly pleasant duo, we discuss how Ricky managed to go from Excision short to Excision feature and get a stellar cast in the process (we swore that he would have told us about some kidnapping and ransom plot), how AnnaLynne fought for the role or Pauline, how impressed they were with our coolness, and, well, a little bit about zombies and strap-ons.

EXCISION (2012): AnnaLynne McCord and Ricky Bates Video Interview

If you haven’t yet seen the trailer for Excision, you’re in for a treat when you do. Maybe the treat’s not as fun as the treats you’d get on your first day in a maximum-security prison, but fun treats nonetheless. Officially, the movie is about a delusional high school girl looking to please her overbearing mother, but like most horror flicks there’s much more to it. It’s hard to tell from the trailer what’s real and what in this crazy bitch’s head, and we aren’t going to spoil the fun for anyone.

Enjoy the interview about 90210! Err… umm… Excision.

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