Since Naked Isn’t An Option: 2 Cool Women’s Tops

koi fish cami

Koi Fish Cami Top – Credit: LA1967

Yeah, it’s freakin’ hot! The planet is melting, cars are overheating, it hurts to breathe, and we’re sweating our balls off — yet we find a way to party and still get the job done.

You know what? She’s hot too. Who knows, since we have ball sweat, maybe she has some boob sweat going on. If that’s the case, or if you just want to be a nice guy or gal for your female friend or significant other, you might want to invest in these two cool tops for her. And if the cross breeze entering her top, caressing her side boob, doesn’t cool her down, give her an ice cube and have her tilt her head back as she runs it down her chin, neck, and between her breasts… gawd damn this heat is getting to me!

Anyway, here are the tops:

Koi Fish Cami Top

Koe Fish Cami TopThe Koi Fish Cami top by LA 1967 is handmade and features lined bust cups, side zipper, and spaghetti straps. Even though she’ll look hotter than hell in it, it’s just the vicious red color of the 100% cotton top. She’ll look great wherever she goes in it.

Price: $40 at

“Violence” Women’s Sleeveless T-Shirt

"Violence" Women's Sleeveless T-ShirtThis next one is for all those weapons-collecting type of women you know. Unless she’s attending an MMA smackdown-type of event or a street fight, she might want to limit wearing this one to around the house. Unless, of course, you or she get a kick out of seeing young mothers cower over their children or hearing old women gasp for air because of shock, then it could be fun to wear it in public.

Price: $24.95 at

Rock Hard \m/

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