House At The End Of The Street – Trailer #3

I’ve been bringing you periodic updates on the forthcoming horror/thriller House at the End of the Street, and so far all the trailers and images have been relatively elusive. However, as the film’s release date of September 21st approaches, we’re getting treated to a lot more visual and auditory candy.

In the newly revealed third trailer for House at the End of the Street we get a lot more of the backstory, a lot more bouncy-bouncy from Jennifer Lawrence, a lot more character introductions (it’s totally the cop doing the killing in this film), and a lot more views of the film’s environment. It’s a great looking movie, but it seems predictable and like something we’ve all seen before.

Check out House at the End of the Street’s third trailer, and if you feel so inclined to punch me in the face, too bad, you can’t. But you can leave a comment.

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