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Serra vs. GSP

Missing The Upset Of The Century Because I Was Watching Cinderella

This story requires some back-story, but not much.

Whenever I have to go out in the world and work a “real job”, I usually end up as a security guard. It’s something I started doing in high school just to get a little extra money on the side, and that’s when this story takes place.

I was lucky enough to get what were basically “cushy” jobs as a security guard. It was easy money, and since the company I worked with mostly handled concerts and sporting events, I got to see some pretty memorable things. But because of this, I missed out on one of the most-memorable moments in MMA history.

In my hometown!

Of course, I’m speaking about “UFC 69: Shootout”, which took place in Houston, Texas and featured Georges St. Pierre defending the UFC Welterweight Championship against Matt Serra. Thanks to my job, I could have definitely afforded to go to this show. But I had the chance to make some extra money by working a three-day stint at the Miller Outdoor Theater, from Friday night to Sunday evening.

The gig? Working security for a three-day showing of the musical/play version of “Cinderella.”

Yes, that “Cinderella”. And yes, a musical/play.

If you’re wondering why on earth security was necessary at a play whose audience was completely and totally made up of mothers and young girls, let me refer you back to a previous sentiment: it was easy money.

Just like everyone else, I laughed at the idea of Matt Serra beating Georges St. Pierre. I still wanted to see the show, but this was an “all or nothing” situation: I couldn’t take Saturday off, I had to work all three days if I wanted to get a spot on the security team that would be working that weekend.

So, in the end, I decided to make some easy money.

During an intermission, I remember walking over to my fellow security guards and sharing some free beverages with them (a common perk of working security). We all shared a quick laugh at our situation, and one guard remarked quite sadly how he really wished he would’ve gone to the UFC show instead. When I said that I shared his sentiment but made it obvious that I didn’t understand why he seemed so beat up about it, he asked me one simple question.

“You don’t know, do you?”

Puzzled, I replied “No, what’s up?”

You see, since I was working the area farthest away from the stage, I had to make a short walk to where the other guards were. In that time, the guard that was an MMA fan had pulled out his phone and had checked the ongoing results of the UFC show.

When he told me “Serra just knocked out GSP”, I stood looking at him dumbfounded for a full five seconds before letting out a befuddled “No.”

He must have seen the look of shock on my face (he would’ve had to be blind not to) because he then nodded with a look of pained understanding before pulling out his phone, saying “Yep, it just happened”, and giving his phone to me so I could read the headline for myself.

You can imagine for yourselves how I felt after that, but me, I always end this story abruptly for comedic effect.

So you want to know something?

It actually wasn’t that bad of a play.

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