Reasons Why MMA Is The Best Sport

Mixed martial arts is a sport that allows the use of various martial arts, both sticking and grappling. MMA is fast growing. In fact, MMA is trying to gain stream all of the world. This has not been an easy job, with UFC being its major promoter. However, UFC has done an excellent job at marketing fights mainly available to the public masses. Although most people find it to be barbaric and bloody, mixed martial arts is one of the purest sports often overlooked.

Below are some of the reasons why it is the fastest-growing sport and the greatest.

MMA is pure

MMA is the purest form of sport. Apart from the lengthy suspensions and the glitches in its system and mode of delivery, MMA has continuously delivered pure sport that surprises, satisfy and hunger its fans.  The sport doesn’t have scandals, money mongers, and cereal box title belts. It’s as pure as they come. It’s a fighting sport that involves training, dedication, hard work, and sacrifice. Professional MMA fighters continue to wow their fans with the purity they deliver.

It has no ownership

Sports in recent times have become a business. Exempting those who care for the sport, the majority only care about making money. This takes away the integrity of the sport.  Owners have dodged morally important responsibilities in preference to making money. But in MMA, it’s every man for himself. No one owns it.  However, UFC runs the world of MMA. The athletes are not forced to do what they don’t want to do. It is like playing eurojackpot and resultados eurojackpot: no one forces you to play, yet numerous people still play it.

Realistic contracts

Most sports are always played under contract. MMA offers realistic and short contracts. This gives the promoters ample time and opportunity to pay its fighters the money they deserve.  For example, MMA contracts last for a six-fight period. It is, for this reason, the owners can control their assets and finances. Unlike MMA, other sports like football offer long contracts that, at times, find it challenging to opt-out of. Like the case of Alexis Sanchez at Manchester United.

Limited injuries

Even though MMA is bloody, it’s sporadic for a fighter to get a severe injury in the cage. There are always occasional injuries like a bloody nose and the likes but nothing close to a broken bone. However, fighters, like Ronda Rousey, have the ability to bakes bones; they are usually stopped before doing further damage.

Competitive salaries

MMA salaries are competitive with the daily human wants. For instance, MMA fighters earning $10000 could factor in the rent and other needs. MMA has no room for millionaires. It’ll always be a blue-collar sport.


MMA is becoming recognized all over the world as a standard sport because of what it has to offer. It’s made of a more realistic system. MMA fighters are disciplined and have respect for martial art. They play the sport with passion as much as people play eurojackpot and resultados eurojackpot. Thus the popularity of MMA.

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