Suicide Monday: Don’t Spend All Your Money In One Place

[SUIDIDE GIRLS] AnnaLee & Gogo - Le renard et l'oiseau


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What constitutes a “favorite” Suicide Girl? Well, she has to meet a few of our standards: She should be fairly heavily tattooed and/or pierced, into one or more of our topics of interest (heavy metal/hardcore rap, horror/sci-fi/action movies, MMA, and/or specific types of video games), and seemingly interesting as a person (as best as we can judge from the brief bio SuicidGirls sends us), and sexy.

Why SuicideGirls? They say it best: “SuicideGirls is a community that celebrates Alternative Beauty and alternative culture from all over the world.” Hey, we’re into that subculture thing too.

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The Girls

Wow! What a week of Suicide Girls. It was really hard to narrow it down to just two photo sets, but alas, it had to be done. At least you’re getting a view of three girls.

Bessy Suicide-2First up is Bessy Suicide. Normally when you here the name Bessy you think of old ladies, but this 21-year-old SG is breaking the rules of that convention. Is Bessy a sexy name? Would it sound good being said in the throes of passion? Who cares? She’s not divulging her location, but we imagine she’s from a latin country, judging from her broken English writing (“do tattoos”) and her favorite books. Well, what can be said about Bessy Suicide? She’s hot, sexy, and cute. She’s intelligent, or at least her occupation and her course of study at university have us believing this. We like most of her musical and cinematic tastes. The only thing not covered is her personality, but as soon as we meet her we’ll let you know. This is Bessy’s first SG set and we wish we could show you more; she’s truly angelic.

[SUIDIDE GIRLS] AnnaLee & Gogo - Le renard et l'oiseauNow, for you dirty bastards, there’s the “lesbian” duo featuring of AnnaLee Suicide and GoGo Suicide. We’ve had both AnnaLee and GoGo on Suicide Monday before and we had to put some of our readers on suicide watch – because these girls are pure fantasy. In case you need a reminder, AnnaLee is the redhead and GoGo, one of our personal favorites, is the Italian brunette. We actually asked GoGo Suicide to allow us to publish some of her movie reviews (she’s got a predilection for horror and gore), but she snubbed us. What’s up with that, GoGo? Too good for us? Call us. We’ll do lunch.

Bessy Suicide

Age: 21
Location: I’m lost

Bessy Suicide-1
Occupation: Functional analyst
Favorite position: The Puzzles and the Acrobatic
I lost my virginity: In a cinema, 15 years old
Into: Photography, do tattoos, playing guitar and bass, drawing, studying for my career of engineering in information systems
Hobbies: Playing guitar and do tattoos
Bessy Suicide-2
Bands: Foo Fighters, Alexisonfire, Comeback Kid, HIM, System of Down, Rage Against the Machine, Pantera, Carajo, Ignite, Korn
Films: The Queen of the damned, Diary of a Passion, Matrix, The Lord of Rings, Twilight, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, 50 First Dates
Books: Las venas abiertas de américa latina, El ser uno
TV shows: True Blood, The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory

If you have anything left, check out the AnnaLee Suicide and GoGo Suicide duo after the jump…

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