Bruce Lee Returns To The Big Screen To Kick Your Face In!

It’s been over 30 years since martial arts icon Bruce Lee last appeared on the silver screen. Director Pete McCormack (2010’s Facing Ali) is about to change that with his newest film I Am Bruce Lee. The feature-length documentary, which boasts scenes from Lee’s most memorable movies, pictures, interviews, and footage from never-before-seen family films, is playing this month in select theaters across the U.S. and will grace theaters North of 49 on March 17. British Yellers will have to wait until March 30 to see the “Dragon” on the big screen.

Yellers who grew up on such classics as Fist of Fury (1971), The Chinese Connection (1972), and Way of the Dragon (1972) won’t want to miss I Am Bruce Lee, which takes an in-depth look at the man’s life and career. Given how much Lee influenced action cinema, the documentary also presents a perfect occasion for younger Yellers to learn how onscreen hand-to-hand combat got elevated to an art form.

Matrix, Neo
Hint: Neo from The Matrix (1999) had nothing to do with it!

Still not sold on the flick? Then consider this: I Am Bruce Lee features interviews with movie stars and cult figures alike, popular musicians, athletes from the world over, and a number of MMA personalities. These include fighters Jon Jones and Stephan Bonnar, boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, Hollywood badass Mickey Rourke, and UFC president Dana White, who, at one point, calls Lee “the father of mixed martial arts.”

I Am Bruce Lee picture

I Am Bruce Lee is also available on some specialty TV channels in North America, but we here at Yell! Magazine recommend that you go experience Bruce Lee’s sheer awesomeness in theaters whenever you get the chance. After all, the man was an undeniable pioneer, revolutionizing the world of martial arts 40 years ago by rejecting strictly defined styles and combining techniques from various sources.

What more do you want? A severed head on a platter? Tell you what: you go buy your I Am Bruce Lee tickets this instant, and we’ll get Evil Argento working on that request of yours, you sickos!

I Am Bruce Lee

I Am Bruce Lee

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