Kid Fury Delivers More Punches Than Karate Kid

kid fury

kid fury screen shot

Kid Fury is like the best parts of Karate Kid condensed into that first scene at the dojo, with added humor and a Gremlins-like mystery that goes unanswered in this segment.

Martial arts action star, Jino Kang (Fist 2 Fist, Fist 2 Fist 2: Weapon of Choice) is back in the hard-hitting, 15-minute action piece, Kid Fury, the first part of a short film series. In this over-the-top action fantasy, Kang directs and stars as a mob boss who has a run-in with a young martial arts dynamo, Kid Fury, played by newcomer, Timothy Mah. The showdown is a heart-stopping encounter with incredible action and martial arts choreography.

Kid Fury was written and directed by Jino Kang, and produced and photographed by Dave Fong. Timothy Mah is a third-degree black belt student and a musician by trade.

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