Gigantour 2012: Where’s The Metal At?

Gigantour 2012: Megadeth picture

Gigantour 2012: Megadeth

Gigantour 2012 marks the fifth installment of the nomadic heavy metal music event. This was the first Gigantour since 2008, and it’s been sorely missed. You’d have a pretty good chance of being right for once in your life if you presumed that its absence was the result of the Big 4, but don’t get too comfortable with having it back – Gigantour may never be an annual event. At least that’s what Chris Broderick of Megadeth told us when we interviewed him (check back soon for the video interview).

Speaking of interviews, Yell! Magazine arrived at the venue mid-afternoon for our interview with Lacuna Coil and Megadeth. If you’ve never been backstage at a major arena concert, we recommend you figure out a way. Whether you blow your way, sneak your way, bribe your way, fight your way, take hostages on your way, get back there just to witness the well-oiled machine that it is.

Gigantour 2012: Megadeth, Motorhead, Lacuna Coil, and Volbeat

Gigantour 2012: Megadeth, Motorhead, Lacuna Coil, and Volbeat

Gigantour 2012 features four bands (Lacuna Coil, Volbeat, Motorhead, and Megadeth), which is a noticeable deficiency in the number of bands compared to previous Gigantours. Given the lineup, the show wasn’t as heavy as it’s been in the past, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was any less amazing to be there – especially with a legend like Lemmy hitting the stage. Seriously, how can you complain when you’re swimming in a sea of black, surrounded by those who are as intensely passionate about the music as you are, witnessing live metal expelling its anger, angst, political message, societal observations, etc. pouring out of the amps with fury?

Set lists for the show we were at appear at the end of this article, along with the remaining Gigantour tour dates.

Sorry for the digression. Let’s get onto the Gigantour 2012 review, in order of appearance:

Lacuna Coil

Gigantour 2012: Lacuna Coil

Gigantour 2012: Lacuna Coil

Lacuna Coil, touring in support of Dark Adrenaline, was first to take the stage, and I have no idea why they were the first band, playing a measly 30-minute set. They certainly have the following, the experience, and the talent to earn themselves another slot on the Gigantour 2012 lineup. So, of the six songs they played, three of them were from Dark Adrenaline. It’s a little disheartening that patrons were still streaming into the venue when Lacuna were on the stage because they were totally on-point with great sound, depth, power, and performances from all. It’s truly a testament to talent when a band’s live performance is as good as, if not better than their studio work.

Gigantour 2012: Lacuna Coil Pictures


You’d think that with an opening track like “A Warrior’s Call” Yell! Magazine would be all over this band like herpes on a hooker, but alas, we were hugely disappointed. Having never heard nothing but the band’s name, everything they played sounded familiar – probably because they’re unoriginal and sound like everything else on the radio. Among the bands they sound like are Social Distortion, 10-foot Pole, and Metallica, sans the shredding solos or an ounce of talent. And they don’t even sound like good Metallica; they sound like ‘90s-era Metallica. They should probably stick to writing songs for CW programming and stay away from metal-related events.

Read about Motorhead, and Megadeth after the jump…

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