Lacuna Coil Does Horror For Dark Adrenaline

lacuna-coil-dark-adrenalineLacuna Coil has released Chapter III in a series of teaser trailers leading up to the January 24th release of their sixth studio album, Dark Adrenaline. This teaser, entitled “Carnage Euphoria,” is a Kinesis Production directed by Bob Cynar. The clip is in the exploitation style and features a hockey mask-wearing, chainsaw-wielding mad man chasing a supple young pretty thing. Sure it resembles Friday the 13th and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but it works. Wonder how Lacuna Coil got the rights to create a hybrid character derived from obvious franchises. The heavy riff and scale-heavy solo sound promising for Dark Adrenaline.

Chapter II, “While You Sleep,” features Andrea Ferro as Dracula, and overacting as usual.

Chapter I, “The Injected,” has Cristina Scabbia experiencing most literally the album’s title (Dark Adrenaline) and cover art as she’s strapped to a chair and being injected with the stuff in a Saw-like environment.

Judging by the music in these trailers, the only way Lacuna Coil could ruin Dark Adrenaline’s potential is if they let Andrea Ferro sing too much — dude is so fucking annoying.

Rock Hard!

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  • Fuck_Ferro

    Just illegally downloaded it to be safe. If Andrea Ferro has a big role I won’t waste my money, if not then I will.

  • Fuck_Ferro

    Fuck, the first voice I hear after starting it is Ferro. On the plus side he doesn’t sound as bad as on the other albums he’s ruined. Either good use of auto tune, someone demanded he had vocal lessons of he vomited up the shit clogging his vocal cords. It’s actually starting to sound like their best material in a while.

    • Evil here… glad to hear that we’re not the only ones who find Ferro annoying. AFter you get a better feel for the album, let us know more of your thoughts. Rock Hard!

  • xselfdeceptionx

    It deserves to waste your money man (: though Andrea sings too much and sometimes it’s annoying, yeh…