UFC on Fox 2: Michael Bisping Submitting Chael Sonnen Is Laughable

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"The Count" talks a good game but probably won't be backing it up.

Recently, it’s been confirmed that Michael Bisping will face Chael Sonnen as part of the UFC’s second show on the Fox network now that Sonnen’s original opponent Mark Munoz has been injured. The general fan reaction to this news has been positive, as both men are regarded as two top Middleweights that are both reviled and admired by differing sections of the fanbase. With Sonnen already a dominant favorite to beat Bisping, “The Count” recently made the bold claim that he’d submit Sonnen if Sonnen took him down. Even as a Bisping fan I can admit that Bisping is dreaming. Here’s why.

Courtesy of Fighters Only, here’s the quote in question:

“…His jiu-jitsu won’t be too slick. Chael Sonnen can take me down if he likes, because I know I can submit him off my back… I may not have a black belt, but I consider myself a black belt… Believe me, if Chael Sonnen takes me down he better be prepared to get submitted.”

Before I start giving my reasons for why I’m honestly laughing at the idea of Michael Bisping submitting Chael Sonnen, I’d just like to point out that I’ve been a Michael Bisping fan for years. I think Bisping is constantly under-rated simply because so many people hate him, people have been calling for his head and saying he’ll get exposed again just like he did against Dan Henderson in every fight since that one, but so far Dan Henderson has been the only person to really expose Michael Bisping in the UFC.

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I know Michael Bisping can beat Chael Sonnen, hell, I know Michael Bisping can rock, drop, and stop Chael Sonnen.

It’s just that… Michael Bisping has virtually no chance of submitting Chael Sonnen.

Michael Bisping is a striker. That’s what he’s always been. He’s not Anderson Silva, where his striking is amazing but his ground game is so good too that he’s able to use it as his back-up weapon. His ground game might be better now since he says he’s been rolling with a lot of good ground guys… but Chael Sonnen’s bread and butter is his ground game. The only person that comes close to having as dominant a ground game as Sonnen at Middleweight is Mark Munoz, and if you force me to, I’d choose Chael Sonnen’s wrestling as more dominant than Munoz’s.

I get that Michael Bisping is saying that he’s training with good ground guys. I get that Chael Sonnen has been submitted eight (EIGHT!) times in his MMA career. But look at the people that submitted Chael Sonnen: we’ve got names like the aforementioned Anderson Silva, plus Demian Maia, Paulo Fihlo, and Jeremy Horn.

I respect that Michael Bisping is working on his ground game. I acknowledge that Michael Bisping’s ground game may be better than it’s ever been since he says he’s been working with a lot of great guys.

I still find the notion of Michael Bisping submitting Chael Sonnen laughable.

Michael Bisping is not going to dominate Chael Sonnen on the ground. If this fight goes to the ground, Michael Bisping’s priority should be to survive. I love me some Michael Bisping, but still… this fight has to end on the feet, because if Bisping tries to submit Chael Sonnen for three rounds, he’s going to get his face punched in for three rounds.

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