Scythia Wish You A Merry Christmas With A Special Song: “…Of Santa”


Credit: Scythia

Tired of the old standards from The Rat Pack? Tired of your Twisted Christmas alternative? Sick of hearing your mother’s A Very Special Christmas? Then you need to hear “…Of Santa” from folk metallers Scythia (see below).

OK, so it’s a bit cheesy, but so is their whole genre, unless you play Dungeons & Dragons or Magic: The Gathering or WoW. If you’re a LARPER, get your traditional Christmas garb out and bang your head to some Christmas folk metal.

Nonetheless, vocalist/guitarist Dave Khan justifies “…Of Santa” better than anyone could:

“Christmas has all the right elements of folk metal: it’s dark and wintry, it involves magic, and there’s plenty of ale and mead. This year, we figured it was time to pay homage to the season by creating our very own Scythian Christmas tale.”

These Canadians have actually been getting a lot of praise in the northern wilds, so you might want to check them out, especially if you like haunting folk melodies (emphasized by keyboards and oboe) with the driving force of modern progressive metal, and echoes of thunder.

At least check out Scythia’s Christmas song, “…Of Santa.”

Rock Hard!

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