Khaos Legions Arch Enemy EXCLUSIVE Video Interview: No Gods, No Masters, No Devils, No Ghosts, No Spirits, No… Unicorns?

sharlee_dangeloAs promised in our writeup of the Khaos Legions Arch Enemy show, here’s our interview with Arch Enemy’s axe god Michael Amott and bone crusher Sharlee D’Angelo, two of the chillest guys in metal that we’ve ever had the privilege of meeting.

michael_amottAs per our tendency, we arrived at the venue with moments to spare before our interview was to take place (yes, we really have to stop this business of being late with just minutes to prep and set up). However, we did arrive about 1.5 hours prior to Chthonic taking the stage, which gave us enough time to conduct our interview and enough time for Arch Enemy to grab a bite to eat before destroying the audience with their conquering set. (In case you’re interested, we didn’t have any grub until after the show, which meant that we had a few beers sitting on an empty stomach, if you catch what I’m saying.)


As we hurriedly got our press passes I dialed up Arch Enemy’s tour manager to let him know that we had finally arrived so that he could get the two aforementioned members of the Khaos Legions ready for our gruelling interview (we were the last interview for them that day and we imagine that they just wanted to get it out of the way, and our tardiness didn’t help matters. To Michael and Sharlee, we sincerely apologize; you were most gracious.)

Through the Khaos Legions and backstage…

So, we met up with the tour manager stage left, went through a door, and then got the shit kicked out of us. No seriously, on the other side of the door was a very dingy, industrialized corridor, which somehow seems fitting for Arch Enemy. Yes, so no 5-star dressing rooms, no gophers waiting on anyone hand and foot, no big and burly security (except for the dude at the top of the stairs that led to the common area for all the bands), and no fancy rock ‘n’ roll rider fit for a prima donna.


Finally, we were shown the interview room, a poorly lit, dingy corner room crammed with a sofa, a couple chairs, instrument cases, fresh fruit, and beer on ice. Arch Enemy’s Michael Amott and Sharlee D’Angelo were already inside waiting for us, texting away on their phones. We reckon the Arch Enemy Khaos Legions back home needed an update. Moments later, we were set up and Yell! Magazine’s exclusive interview was underway. Watch the video interview and see for yourself, if you haven’t already.

Find out how the Arch Enemy Khaos Legions throughout the world are getting a helping hand…


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