Khaos Legions Arch Enemy EXCLUSIVE Video Interview: No Gods, No Masters, No Devils, No Ghosts, No Spirits, No… Unicorns?

The Arch Enemy Khaos Legions get a helping hand…

Obviously, the Arch Enemy Khaos Legions were named, but what really interested us, but didn’t necessarily make the cut was the efforts the band does to help local bands in their native lands get a start. Basically, Arch Enemy had set up a contest to support local bands and fans could vote on their favorite (the contest is now closed). When asked why Arch Enemy was doing this, Michael Amott stated that he experienced the same type of thing (though less formal) in his youth. And in order to win, he and his peers would practice like hell to get better and ensure their win. We imagine the Amott brothers kicked the shit out of everyone else.

Arch Enemy - Khaos Legions picture

We were also impressed with Michael and Sharlee’s passion for Amnesty International. You know, Arch Enemy and the genre in general isn’t pop music dealing with trite topics of brushing your teeth with Jack Daniels (well, maybe that’s not so trite, because if you’re doing that, you clearly have a problem and are crying out for help) or being ignored by someone at a dance club; metal usually deals with more global and serious themes. It’s nice to see that a band like Arch Enemy actually takes action and brings it to many of their shows, having Amnesty International present and taking names.

On a related note, we talked of Arch Enemy playing in New York just a few days before the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Without going into too much detail, Michael and Sharlee did state that there was definitely a vibe in New York.

Michael Amott and Sharlee D’Angelo fight…

Right, so, one of our favorite parts of the interview was the exchange between Michal Amott and Sharlee D’Angelo about one of our favorite songs on Khaos Legions, “Under Black Flags We March.” We commented that it features more bass guitar than we’re used to hearing from Arch Enemy, and that we liked it. Enter the friendly fighting between the two members; Michael stated that there was too much bass and, obviously, Sharlee thinks that there’s not enough. This track is also Sharlee’s favorite to play from Khaos Legions.

So, that pretty much sums up the interview (including the video portion that you’ve watched). What’s next for Arch Enemy? Well, Michael said that they already have some material in the works for their next album and that he feels Arch Enemy can get even more aggressive — nice!

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