Bud Light, The UFC Sponsor Of Slippage

Bud Light, The UFC Sponsor Of Slippage

Bud Light, The UFC Sponsor Of Slippage

Anyone who has watched the UFC either on Spike or PPV can’t help but see the huge Bud Light advertisement plastered on the canvass dead center inside the Octagon. The promotion of alcohol at a sporting event is nothing new to fans who have seen them in stadiums around the world for decades. And I have no real problem with it myself.

But if say, you were at Fenway Park watching your beloved Red Sox take on those damn Yankees and your favorite pitcher Josh Beckett puts his foot on the rubber in a pivotal situation, begins his wind up, then lets loose with an inning ending fastball. Or at least that’s what you thought until you stare in disbelief as he slips on the Bud Light logo adorning the rubber under his foot and instead throws a gofer ball to Mark Teixeira who promptly belts it out of the park. Then you see your idol wince and grab his groin as he hobbles off the field to quickly become the latest member of the team on the 15 day D.L., you would be on the phone asking a Red Sox customer service representative why you are spending thousands of dollars on season tickets when it seems their advertising dollars are worth more to them then the health of their players.

Rashad Evans vs. Bud Light Cans

I don’t know whether you as a UFC fan have noticed, but doesn’t it seems to you that more and more fighters are slipping on the Bud Light ad when they are in the heat of battle? Especially when they let loose with a powerful leg strike? Although these incidents are an uncommon occurrence it seems to me their have been at least a few fights that have turned on a slip at the center of the Octagon.

It seems to me that the UFC and Bud Light could find a way to advertise on the floor of the Octagon without having a plastic advertisement mucking up the stability of their fighters when those fighters are concentrating more on exchanging and avoiding blows than on whether their feet might go out from under them at a critical stage in a fight.

Pay attention Dana White before one of your fighters sustains an injury unrelated to anything he has absorbed from an opponent inside the cage after the referee yells “let’s get it on.”


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