Suicide Monday: GoGo & Rydell Suicide – No They’re Not Sisters

Rydell Suicide


Age: 31

Location: Canada

Into: Helping to make Earth a better and happier place to be, Craves Cupcakes, Cooking with someone I love, The smell of Vector Files in the morning, Dancing around my house like an arse, Reading, Organization, Learning languages, Smelling yummy, Drinking tea in my underwear, Astronomy, and Meditating.

Not into: Chocolate, Bad moods, Pants & socks, Smell of patchouli, Small talk (I suck at it), Animal testing or cruelty, Flaky friends, Repeating myself, People who are blind to the world around them, Shitty work ethics and laziness.

Makes me happy: My Weimaraner, Loud music, My Mac, Being barefoot, Cleaning the house, Fresh sheets, Tulips, Meditation, Expanding the mind, Target practice, Muscle cars & grease, Great pair of jeans, Sexy heels, Laying in a hammock, Legwarmers, Travelling, Pubs, Sunday walks, Someone cooking for me, Just sharing space with someone I love, Watching the stars, Strong connections, and Talking with friends.

Makes me sad: No one to snuggle, Ignorance, Fur, Authority, Self-deprecating people, Perpetual downers, Being told what to do, No new ink, Missing people I love, The state of our world, and Vivisection!

Hobbies: Killing time… anyone know how to get blood out of the carpet?

5 things i can’t live without: LaLicious Body Scrub, Fresh ink, Silence, Meditation, My heart on my sleeve

vices: Tattoos, Boys with a lot tattoos (hand tattoos, sleeves), My bed, Cheesecake, and CocaCola/Boylands Ginger Ale

Thoughts on SG: I like it

I spend most of my free time: Working, Meditating, Swearing, Playing with my Mac, Hula Hooping, and Watching horror movies
Kill Switch Engage/Danko Jones/Queens of the Stone Age
Dropkick Murphys/Lynyrd Skynard
Mass Undergoe/George Thorogood
Anarchy Club/Fear Factory/Meshuggah
The Ramones/Andrew WK/Clutch
The Rolling Stones/Rob Zombie
The Cure/Social Distortion/Sepultura
Paramore/Arno Carstens/Therapy?
Apocalyptica/Metallica/Fighting For Ithaca
Grateful Dead and so many more

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