Mortal Kombat: Final DLC Character Revealed In Your Nightmares

The origins of Mortal Kombat characters have always been due to weird happenstance. Skarlet was born out of an old Mortal Kombat II rumour that there was an unlockable red version of Melina or Kitana. Series creator Ed boon is a Prince fan, which explains the purple ninja Rain. And they needed at least one character from that god awful 3D monstrosity that is Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. I guess a character that couldn’t see how horrible of a game he was in is a perfect fit for the series reboot. For the final DLC character, NetherRealms Studios pulled out all the stops, and brought in some lawyers to get horror movie icon, Freddy Krueger. I can see how this meeting went down.

[NetherRealms Studios Conference Room]

-Ed Boon: We need one more DLC character!

– Designer 1: What about a Brown ninja?

– Ed Boon: You’re fired!

– Designer 2: How about that chick from Total Recall with the three boobs. We can say that she’s Sheeva’s cousin!

– Ed Boon: Do we own the rights to her?

– Lawyer: No, but we do have the rights to Freddy Krueger, and WB wants us to use him before they announce the new film.

– Ed Boon: Perfect! Let it be done!

Freddy Krueger joins Skarlet, Kenshi, and Rain on August 9th for $4.99 on PSN, or 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Marketplace.


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