Heavy MTL – Two Days Of Brutal Metal, And We’re Going With A Camera

We’ve talked of Heavy MTL ad nauseam over the last few months, and we’re as stoked as a redneck bonfire party in Bubba’s backyard that the weekend hosting the event is finally here. And we’re not just going to the metal festival in Montreal on July 23rd and 24th and coming back to you with a run-of-the-mill roundup of the weekend’s events (which may or may not include such criminal activity as public intoxication, lewd behavior, indecent exposure, sexual harassment, and/or assault and battery), we’ll be coming back at ya with some interviews for your viewing pleasure (but, yeah, we’ll give you the review too).

Right, so, about those interviews. We’re scheduled to talk to members from Machine Head, Trivium, DevilDriver, Opeth, and Times of Grace. Fucking sick, I know. We’re going to have to try real hard not to go all Wayne’s World on them, bowing down and chanting “We’re not worthy; we’re not worthy.”

For a complete listing of the bands that’ll be performing visit www.HeavyMTL.com. And, for Christ’s sake, don’t forget to come back to Yell! Magazine to see our interviews.

Rock Hard!


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