Saints Row: The Third Gets Fancy Platinum Edition

I love insane “collector edition” versions of games. They always come with something ridiculous, like a replica RC car, Art books, or a cheap plastic statuette. Not to be outdone in the useless crap department, Saints Row: The Third: Platinum Pack will come with a set of Beats by Dre style headphones with an attached voice modulator. Unfortunately, they’re not compatible with PSN or Xbox Live, so no messing with your friends online in a funny voice. But you can still plug the standard 3.5mm audio jack into your cellphone and make prank phone calls that way. Do people still make prank phone calls?

You also get the obligatory soundtrack, and the Professor Geki Hyper Ordinary Pre-Order Pack, which is just a set of comical in-game items. A silly costume, a gun that shoots baby octopi, and a car with a man cannon, is barely worth a pre-order, let alone the price of a collectors edition. However, the new trend in DLC these days is making you pay for everything up front. So if you really want all that extra future content, you can invest in the Saints Row Season Pass. This grants you access to three downloadable mission packs. If you buy the game through the THQ Online Store, you can get this for free.

Who am I kidding, you know I’m gonna buy all this. My Master Chief Helmet would look awesome wearing those headphones. It already looks menacing in those Call of Duty night vision goggles.

Saints Row: The Third Platinum Pack

Saints Row: The Third Platinum Pack

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