Top 10 Slasher Chicks: An Asian Wish List

No.6 Primorata Dejudom

Primorata Dejudom picture

You might remember Primorata Dejudom from the Ong Bak films. She played Pim, Tony Jaa’s girlfriend in the 2nd and 3rd films of the franchise. She would be the perfect girl to survive the killing spree.

No.7 Gianna Jun

Gianna Jun picture

This South Korean actress/model has the perfect girl next door look that horror directors love to exploit. It’s an image that just begs to be strung up around the neck by a rope.

No.8 Kim Chiu

Kim Chiu picture

The Filipina 21 year old got her break by winning the Filipino version of Big Brother (Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition) back in 2006. She has gone on to mostly star in romantic roles on television and film. It would be a fight between her and Primorata Dejudom on who would be best to survive the film. Perhaps they could play virginal cousins and take on our killer together.

No.9 Song Hye-Kyo

Song Hye Kyo picture

Born back in ’82 in South Korea, this actress most famous for her television roles would be great as the bitch everyone hates and receives an early demise because of it. Perhaps by being thrown into a vat of acid.

No.10 Sakurako Kaoru

Sakurako Kaoru picture

If you saw this voluptuous Japanese actress in the film Sexual Parasite: Killer Pussy, you would know why she would be great in a slasher flick. She would be perfect girl to be killed in some grotesque way while performing fellatio in a secluded beach area.

Well, there you have it people, Yell! Magazine’s ten Slasher Chicks. Do you like our choices? Perhaps you think we got it wrong? If so put some of your suggestions below, we’ll take them into consideration when we consider reminding Asian directors that we need some great slasher films coming from the world’s largest continent. That is, if they haven’t got the hint yet after reading this article.

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