Guns N’ Roses – Appetite for Destruction (1987): Yell! Magazine’s Greatest Album Series

Yell! Magazine review:

Guns N' Roses band pictureThis debut album by GnR took the rock world by storm, Its viewpoint that all life is shit, and nothing in life is worth a f…ing dump in the toilet, gave rock a needed jolt out of its regular ‘blah’ recordings. GnR got airplay and its message spread around the world. If your suicidal don’t buy this album. It foreshadowed Nirvana’s Nevermind in that good ol’ Mr. Cobain took the next step and not only thought life was shit but it wasn’t even worth writing lyrics about anything either. Once you hear Axl Rose’s vocal gymnastics you will, with Slash’s guitar, realize what made this band unique.

The problem with this band is they ran out of talent too quickly. They blew their load with the Use Your Illusion two disk set and after The Spaghetti Incident left the rock scene. You could see it coming since Use Your Illusion had so many cover songs included on it. But Appetite for Destruction is the only GnR album you need to realize their greatness, short-lived as it was.

*Note: The album cover displayed is the original before the band was forced to change it because of its graphic nature.

Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction original cover

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Yell! Rating (x/5 Skulls):
Guns N’ Roses
Appetite for Destruction
Year Released:
July 21, 1987
Heavy metal, Hard Rock
Official URL:
Guns N’ Roses Official

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