Sonne Adam’s Transformation Will Condemn Your Soul To An Eternity In Hell

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It’s true, Sonne Adam is a throwback to old-school death metal and a lot of reviewers are comparing them to bands like Father Befouled, Morbid Angel, Incantation, and Paradise Lost, and while some of that is true, what I strangely hear, at least vocally, is Type O Negative’s Peter Steele, circa Slow, Deep and Hard. And if you give it a college try, your ears might also pick up some Sabbath.

Sonne Adam, roughly translated as “Hate Humanity,” are from Tel Aviv, Israel, and on April, 4, 2011, released their debut album, Transformation, on Century Media. This, just after forming a few short years ago in 2007 and putting together two EPs, The Sun is Dead (yet to be released) and Armed with Hammers (this should be on the Thor soundtrack – but that would be mainstream suicide).

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So while Transformation might be a bit retro, it is completely welcome and refreshing with one caveat; you really have to be in a mood. This is a dark, heavy, atmospheric album that conjures pure evil for its muse. Guitars are tuned way down, generating a deep sludgy groove; the drums are rich sounding with some nice fills; vocally, well, it’s death metal; and the bass is pretty much heavy and just there, but Davidov doesn’t fuck it up. Actually, when you consider that Sonne Adam is a two-piece band (Davidov is on all instruments while Dahan is on vocals), it’s remarkable that it sounds so complete. However, some of Transformation’s more interesting parts are the interludes where musically the songs take a turn and do something different, such as introducing an effect, a guitar solo, or when the drums pick up the tempo.

The best track on Transformation just might be “I Sing His Words.” There’s something familiar in the drumming, meaning you feel at home hearing it, and the crunchy guitar intro, with a subtle nod to more mainstream metal smattered here and there throughout the track.

If you like death metal and are looking for something with some rancid flesh dripping off the bones, then you’ll want to do yourself a service and check out Sonne Adam’s Transformation. Obviously, if this isn’t your sort of thing, stay very far away.

Transformation track list:

We Who Worship The Black
I Sing His Words
Sonne Adam
Solitude In Death
Take Me Back To Where I Belong
I Claim My Birth In Blood

sonne adam

Similar Artists:

Morbid Angel, Paradise Lost, Father Befouled

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Sonne Adam
Year Released:
4 April 2011 (UK)
Century Media
Death Metal
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Sonne Adam

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