Juan Of The Dead (2011): It’s Cuba’s Turn

Juan of the Dead Preview:

Cuban director Alejandro Brugues and actor Alexis Diaz de Villegas have joined up with producers Gervasio Iglesias and Inti Herrera to bring zombies to Cuba. The team has taken a similar approach as Shaun of the Dead, in that comedy will be a part of the film.

It seems slackers and geeks are taking over film and Juan of the Dead follows this trend. The main character, Juan, is a slacker, doing nothing with his life until zombies start invading Havana. At first a nuisance, then a mortal danger, the zombies force Juan to get off his ass and do something.

Juan started a business to help out neighbors: When relatives became zombies, Juan would get rid of them for a charge. But when zombies started to outnumber humans, Juan was forced to become the Castro of his time and take back Cuba from the undead.

The film is in production and so far no release date has been announced, but two teasers have been released and are available.

Juan of the Dead (2011) Teaser Trailer 2


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